Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Quickly Decorating a Silk Fan

On Halloween I was going to tea with a good friend.  I love going to tea but am always too hot in tea rooms.  I decided this made a perfect opportunity to try a tutorial on the Dharma Trading Website and decorate a silk fan.  The original tutorial is here.  I basically followed the tutorial with one small exception, I could not find PermaWriter markers anywhere.  Dharma still carries them but I made the decision to make the fan the night before I need it (I had previously purchased fans and the FabricMate markers from Dharma Trading Company).  I ended up using a LePen Permanent marker, it worked beautifully and was available from a local hobby shop.  It took me 2.5 hours to draw the design and fill it in with the FabricMate markers.  The fan needed to dry for 24hours and then it becomes permanent even without heat setting it. I really enjoyed this quick project and will probably make one with a less modern look to use for other situations.

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