Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nightmare Before Christmas: Lock, Shock and Barrel Intial planning

A group of us have decided we want to create Lock, Shock and Barrel costumes.  To start with, I grabbed some images of the 3 to start planning.

 While the outfits are amazingly simple. the masks, shoes and Shock's hat are a bit tricky. 

For the first round, I decided to focus on getting the masks right and the costumes bases and then we will work on improving the costumes each time we wear them. 

For Lock, I bought a red long sleeve T-shirt and matching fabric for the pants and tail.  I made the pants as simple elastic waist pants.  The tail is a tube with a triangle sewn to it.  I simply hand-stitched the tail to bottom of the shirt. 

Shock was a bit trickier for sewing. While the dress is really simple A line, the scalloped edging took a bit of work.  I still managed to sew the dress in one day. 

For the masks, I planned to make the bases in clay and then use Worbla to create the masks.  To create Shock's hat, I planned to use Fosshape since it should be stiff enough to hold the very tall shape.  I have used Worbla once before, but Fosshape is a totally new material for me.  We will see how it goes......

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