Sunday, August 2, 2015

HSM Challenge #7 Accessorize

Diadem flat, before comb addition so you can see the detail
Technically this is not sewing, so it only sort of counts for the HSM challenge but it is a project I have been dying to try.  I have always wanted a regency diadem, but was a bit intimidated of the detailed metalwork.  I have experience with metalwork and the details in the metal just take so long.  Then I saw the brilliant post by Mistress of Disguise! A full tutorial to make a regency diadem! She had the amazing idea to use lamp banding to create the very detailed part of the diadem.  Since this challenge was to Accessorize, I jumped at the chance to make one.  I am not going to post any kind of step by step pictures since the full tutorial provides very lovely and detailed photos and I only modified a few small things.  I did use my jeweler's saw instead of snips to cut out the brass frame.  This was because I used heavier brass and I did not want to have the break in the frame necessary for scissors.  Other than that, I used my dremmel to cut out the lamp banding flowers so I could save the neat edges for another project.  The rest of the project I just followed the tutorial.
Diadem ready to wear

I am so in love with the tutorial provided by Mistress of Disguise and so happy with my new jewelry!

I highly recommend trying her tutorial, this was far easier than I expected.  Also, if you want one and don't feel like making one, Mistress of Disguise sells them on her Etsy.