Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2014 in review

I have always loved these posts from other costumers.  I hunt them out and drool over the amazing things people accomplish in one year and wish I could do near as much.  I have decided to do one of these posts of my own.

1920's dress, slip and headpiece
This dress was actually a ton of fun to make and wear.  I was completely surprised!

 1920's purse and 20's style steampunk purse
I actually really liked these purses.  I still feel that the green one needs some fancy tassel bits, but I love the pockets in side and how much stuff I can easily carry in them.


Victorian bustle dress re-do (posted here, here and here)
 I have needed to redo this dress for quite a while.  I loved the dress when I made it but ruined it on its first outing several years ago.  I was so angry at ruining the dress that even though I bought fabric to remake this dress a month after the incident I refused to remake this dress.  I am so glad I finally remade this dress, it is lovely to wear.

Regency short stays (here and here) and standard Regency stays
The short stays were complete failure due to my adding extra cording and boning.  The shape is completely wrong.  I doubt I will ever wear them again, but I learned so much that I then applied to making my second pair of stays.  My fairly standard regency stays that I made second are wonderfully comfortable and add so much to the look of my costume.  I am happy with the second pair shown below.

I found this new sheer dress a complete pain to make, so much so that it prevented me from making a new overdress in time for the event.  I am still fairly happy with the new dress, the new shoes and with the alterations to my green overdress.  I do hope to make a new blue overdress in the new year to actually go with the new shoes and the embroidery on the new sheer dress.

 Purple regency day dress and chemisette
I am not happy with this dress at all.  It is a simple drop front dress, but I feel I messed up the skirt part of the drop front, it feels like it hangs really weird.  I am hoping if I redo the skirt part I will like it better?  Of course I have only worn this dress over my poorly shaped short stays, so maybe the new stays will help as well?  I just feel this whole outfit looks frumpy and is in major need of help.
Viking things (here and here)
Viking is not really an area I do a whole lot with, but the local SCA group was having a couple of things with a viking theme.  I actually really enjoyed the embroidery on the simple clothing shapes and of course I love the brooches and making the necklaces. 

Steampunk doll mix and match
I love the prop that goes with this outfit and the new bustle belt is so much fun to wear.  This outfit is great in the heat, I just need to figure out makeup and hair.  Oh and possibly a new hat, the tea cup is really way too big.

Teacup hats (large and mini) and lace mini hat
The large teacup hat is really too big, but the little one is just right.  I would like a brown little teacup hat and will need to make one for the new year.  I also need an outfit to wear with the small teacup hat, maybe I will finish up the black and white mix and match from the end of this post.  The lace top hat is also cute, although I have not worn it yet.  The lace one may belong to my tentacle kitty permanently.  

Steampunk Alice in Wonderland Cheshire cat and Caterpillar
These outfits need more work, I am not really happy with either of them.  However, I think they will get there and I hope to spend part of 2015 getting them to a happy place.  I want to fix the mask and the tail for the Cheshire and the Caterpillar really really needs a hat, probably with light up antenna.  Maybe I will make a new corset to which the tail could attach.

Random Steampunk bits
A simple black and white ruffled skirt.  The fabric is sheer so I built in a white underskirt.  I also made a black and white bustle that buttons in the front.  I added a loop and a pocket so I can wear a pocket watch or in this case an antique cigarette case.  I made these on a whim, they match the small teacup hat, but are not really enough for an outfit.  Maybe inspiration will strike in 2015 and these will become something?

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