Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Giant Teacup Hat

This hat was not supposed to be giant.....but I thought the original pattern would be too small and I apparently enlarged the pattern a bit too much.  I may remake it smaller at some point. 

I love teacup hats and wanted to make one of my own.  I figured it would make a perfect small project and would give me a cute hat for steampunk tea parties.  The pattern I used was a free instructable Quilted Mad Tea Party Set for a quilted tea set.  I figured the teacup would work well as a hat and someday I may even make a teapot hat!  I did make the teacup bigger and probably too big, see the picture below as the hat is as tall as my head!  The only other change was I stiffened both the lining and the fashion fabric with fusible interfacing to help it hold up to being worn rather than just sitting on a table.  The hat is kept on my head by 3 hair clips and seems to stay pretty well, even though my hair is fairly slick.

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