Monday, May 23, 2016

A quick Darth Vader hat and time for tea!

I did run out of time and did not get to finish everything the way I wanted for the Star Wars tea.  I was struggling with the hat.  I had this idea in my head of Darth Vader on my hat enjoying tea, leaning against a decorative tea cup on a red hat with a black veil.  The first issue was I could not find a hat base I liked in red, but I did find a lovely one in black.  This is a vintage hat base from Hats by Leko that I just love.  I then tried to make a tiny lace teacup in red for Darth Vader to lean upon.  This was a complete failure, as was the red veiling, so I simply ended up making a tea cup for Darth Vader and stitching him to my hat.  I managed to not damage either Darth Vader or the hat so both can be reused.  While I wish I would have had more time for my hat, it was still lots of fun to wear the way it was. 

Hat back
Hat side

Hat front
Darth Vader with tea cup

Finally it was time for tea!  My two very talented friends each made really cute skirts.  The black skirt is made from black and gold Star Wars fabric with C3PO ruffle.  This friend also made super cute lego Star Wars lightsaber jewelry and matching fascinator.  My other friend made a BB-8 themed skirt and styled her outfit to match. All in all it was a wonderful evening with friends!

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