Thursday, July 16, 2015

Steampunk at the Natural History Museum

One of the lovely ladies (the green fairy in the pictures) in the local steampunk group suggested an outing to the Albuquerque Natural History Museum.  We first met for tea in the park across the street and then all went over to the Natural History Museum for photos and fun.  I love the Natural History Museum and was so excited to attend. I decided to wear the new Victorian skirts that I worked on for HSM 2015 practicality challenge and the corset from the first month of HSM 2015 foundations challenge. Although not visible much in the photos I did floss the boning channels of the corset since I made it in January.  I bought pith helmets for myself and my husband, which we still need to personalize but they were fun to play with.  My husband wore his new Dr. Who vest.  The whole costume thing for this was a bit of rush job with both my husband and I cobbling things together from what we had on hand, but it has given us inspiration for costumes to work on latter.

This whole event was a blast, it was so much fun to wander around the museum and take photos with the dinosaur skeletons.  Anyway, on to the pictures.

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