Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Embroidered pouch continued

I have been working on the embroidered pouch for my husband and am actually starting to enjoy the split stitch.  So far I have added all the red, green and yellow.  The remaining space will be filled in with blue. I have also been keeping track of the amount of time this project takes (I usually don't bother to do this).  Below shows how far I have gotten in 15 hours.


  1. Would you be able to share the source for your design (unless of course you designed it yourself!) I'm looking for possible artwork - though I'm still very new to embroidery, and this might just be too ambitious for me!

    1. Hi Dawn! I doubt anything is beyond your skills, I regularly follow your blog and am in awe of the beautiful things you create!

      For sources, it depends on how close to "period" I am trying to be. If I am just looking for something that has the right look, I usually use 2 main sources. The Dover clip art books (which was the source for the Celtic cats on my apron dress) or online searches for images of line drawings. I dont remember the specific source for this image, but since it is in my image folder of things I like, I suspect it was a line drawing search. I use the Dover clip art and the line drawing searches because they provide me with a simple outline to start with. I print out the image and then modify the images as I see fit. I know I simplified this image, since the original was a bit too complex for simple embroidery.

      For totally "period" stuff, I do a bunch of research similar to what I have seen you do and try to find several something that I want to replicate or a few things for really good inspiration.

      For this project, I just wanted something I thought would look good and have the right feel for the SCA early period.

      Hope this helps a bit! I look forward to seeing what you do, I love your work!